Process Automation

Do you have any repetitive tasks or complex processes to simplify? Process automation in Salesforce is the solution. We take time to learn what you do, how you do it and what part it plays in your system as a whole.

3rd Party Integrations

It’s common to have different processes in multiple systems, however, it’s ideal to keep all your data synced with your Salesforce CRM. We can configure apps such as Calendly, MailChimp, Zoom and a whole lot more


Data, data and more data! It’s important to have your key metrics and important information right at your fingertips. We can customize Salesforce reports, charts and models, to give you the information you need!


✓ Implementation - setting up from scratch or migrating existing data
✓ Reporting - have key metrics and data right at your fingertips
✓ Customization - tailoring Salesforce to meet your specific business needs
✓ Training - empowering your team to get the most out of the platform
✓ Support - troubleshooting flows, processes and other problems


✓ Data sync between your data stores and the CRM
✓ Connecting and syncing 3rd parts software such as Calendly, Mailchimp and Zoom directly in Salesforce
✓ UI/UX - leveraging LWCs, Apex, Aura Components and Flows to ensure your instance is configured to meet your needs

Value Added Services

☆ Adding/displaying records on a Google Map
☆ Integratign your website with Salesforce
☆ Setup email campaigns
☆ Data Management: Import & Export
☆ Setup Round Robin assignment for any object
☆ Consulting services
☆ Full time Salesforce Admin resource